What if Our Beloved Sun Does Not Come Up Tomorrow?

Shruthi Shiva
3 min readApr 29, 2021


We are living in such mindless states in today’s world that we don’t realize when the sun came up and when he went down. Thanks to our closed doors, windows, the bright artificial lightings, the false ceilings and of course the closed minds!

The same point made me think- ‘What if on one day the Sun decides to not come up?’

My mind went through a series of events imagining the absence of the Sun and trust me, the picture was horrific! It is as follows

1. We will never know if the day started or not

A fresh new day begins with the arrival of sun and if he never turned up, how will we mark the beginning and the end of the day? How will we know when to wake up and when to sleep?

Nothing will make sense in the world there will be no balance.

While you are thinking that it is funny or imaginary, what if I told you that every year, one of the poles of the earth faces this situation?

Yes! The poles of the earth have sun around for six months straight or darkness for six months straight! When one pole is having a day that is six-month long, the other one has a night that is six-month long.

If you are wondering how, then you need to read a little geography.

2. The flowers would not bloom and the plants wouldn’t get food

This would be a terrible thing for a Nature lover like me. I love gardening and it is so blissful for me to nurture the plants, see them grow, have buds and wait for the blooms. Watching a fresh flower in the morning is the best thing for me to do.

If there is no flower there would be no color in the world! I can’t even imagine living in such a world.

What would I be doing?

I would be waiting for the Sun to show up and for the flowers to bloom. I would probably apologize to the Sun for not doing my duty as well as he does his duty. His duty of showing up everyday every time without fail. No matter what! His duty of nurturing billions of lives selflessly.

Why I love the Sun so much

For starters, I was born on a Sunday. I always loved Sundays as it is a holiday. It was the day I could watch movies, animated serials and cartoons on TV, go out with my dad and sister on our short adventure trips and explorations.

Sunday was always and will always be close to my heart and now I am aiming at creating more sundays a week for myself and my kids. My connection with the Sun is strange but very special and I want to make it special for my kids like my father made it for us.

All in all I can not survive without the Sun for even a day. Well, technically, no life can!

What is your sunny story?

Sunny Side Up

How is your connection with the sun?